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Marketing Orientations

Updated: Apr 19, 2019

Orientations – are "philosophies and organizational cultures established by senior management.

Product Orientations are based on the feeling consumers will purchase products based on high quality.

Sales Orientation - focuses on the selling and promotion of existing products and concentrates on selling existing products with promotions and direct sales approaches.

Production Orientations – is used during a high demand for a product or service and while consumer’s tastes and preferences remain constant. During this period company’s produce products or services to achieve economies of scale.

Marketing Orientations – relies on research to monitor and develop products and services based on customer needs and wants. Marketing orientation has three primary facets:

  1. Customer orientation: is a pure economics. What are customers is willing and wants the demand.

  2. Organizational orientation: begins in the marketing department and sets the tone and direction for the company’s other departments.

  3. Mutually beneficial exchange: Is recognized when company’s increase sales revenue and net profits while satisfying their customer’s needs and wants.

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