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Ten Commandments Career Vs. Job

Updated: Apr 19, 2019

Career Day is an event sponsored by the NJ Advertising Club that I learned serves our community a dual purpose. While it provides college students an opportunity to interact directly with our industry's professionals, it also gives those professionals a first-hand look at New Jersey's future talent pool.

I served as Career Day's keynote speaker in 2012, and together with SGW's video director Leo Montes De Oca, created an interactive video presentation entitled, "The Ten Commandants to a Career." The event was very well attended by students, faculty and many NJ Advertising Club members. I was pleasantly surprised by the students' questions, as well as the technology discussions I had with faculty members after my presentation. I truly enjoyed the experience of meeting and working with the students and faculty members. It provided me a unique opportunity to evaluate the knowledge, skill sets and maturity levels of our industry's next generation, as well as see first-hand the quality of education being delivered by New Jersey's colleges and universities.

Career Day was a wonderful experience and I encourage all members to become involved and help support the New Jersey Ad Club with this very important event.

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