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The Three R's of Marketing

Updated: Apr 19, 2019

In marketing and communications the 3 R's should stand for Re-purpose, Re-distribute, and Re-allocate.

The general public perceives the 3 R’s to stand for Reading, wRiting and aRithematic.

But if you’re a marketing and communications professional the 3 R’s really should stand for Re-purpose, Re-distribute and Re-allocate.

Re-purposing content is easy. Your press releases can be edited into short one to three minute video scripts. The original writer should be able to edit the content in probably less than an hour and a half. Re-purposing content helps satisfy the basic marketing principal of maintaining a consistent message.

Re-distribution fulfills the major marketing goal of increasing the size of your audience. If you simply re-distribute the edited video content to all the appropriate social media networks, third party websites, Blogs and v-mails, you will be exponentially increasing the size of your audience. Best of all, this expanded distribution can be accomplished for literally a few dollars each month.

Re-allocating budgets to maximize reach and frequency is an essential marketing investment objective. It’s fairly well-known that on a dollar-for-dollar basis, public relations is the most cost-effective of all the communication tactics. By simply re-allocating a couple of thousand dollars each month from your advertising and media budget to your social media strategy, you will substantially increase your reach and frequency and ultimately satisfy this major marketing objective.

If your budget is scrutinized by a CFO, you’ll be happy to know that social media tactics are 100% measurable, and the analytics are provided at no cost to the user.

Re-purpose, Re-distribute and Re-allocate ... 3R’s for today’s marketing professional.

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