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St. Jude is my favorite foundation and I promise to donate 100% of all royalties earned on the first 5,000 books sold.
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Author's Message

Almost everyone at some point of their lives questions their faith and/or belief in God. Even the most learned religious scholars, ordained and lay readers and faith-based teachers admit to having doubt at times.



About Dave

Dave Scelba has had a diversified career history. He began as a music teacher and performer, was a Certified Financial Planner, worked for Stetson Hat Company, then created and transitioned ownership of several start-up marketing companies.



“Fantastic read and a very powerful message! Lessons learned by the reader are easily grasped and the biblical teachings are integrated without being dogmatic. Everyone can identify with this book.”

Babak Haghighi - D.D.S. and Practicing Muslim

“Dave’s experiences are undeniable signs that there is, in fact, more to come. This book instilled me with hope and faith of a beautiful and peaceful ongoing journey. A wonderful inspiring read!”

Norm Feld - Insurance Agency Owner of Jewish Faith

“Anyone who has had an unexplained event in their life will enjoy this book. Dave explains his spiritual journey by tying personal experiences to scripture. A unique read that everyone can relate to.”

Frank Labonia - IT Consultant and K - College Parochial School Graduate

“Rarely do you find such an uplifting faith journey that inspires its readers to seek a higher power such as this beautiful and emotional path which Dave has taken us on. Uplifting, sincere, spiritual.”

Carol and Mike Critchley - Hospital Foundation Board/Extraordinary Minister and CFO/Lector in the Catholic Church

“An inspiring read. Dave’s story of faith shines a light on all spiritual pathways, highlighting the ways in which we are the same, rather than focusing on our differences.”

Val and John Delloiacono, RN/Healthcare Quality Management Consultant and Retired Educator/Professional Tennis Instructor and Members of The Center for Spiritual Living

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