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Almost everyone at some point of their lives questions their faith and/or belief in God. Even the most learned religious scholars, ordained and lay readers and faith-based teachers admit to having doubt at times.


I wrestled with faith and a belief in God for many years, but I feel blessed to have experienced a series of life-changing events that opened my eyes, heart, and mind. I now have no doubt in God’s existence, and I have a deep unwavering faith and belief in an afterlife.


A Spiritual Journey to Unwavering Faith is a multi-denominational and multi-dimensional book written for everyone regardless of your religious upbrings or spiritual backgrounds. This book details my unique experiences, and the purpose in sharing my spiritual journey is to give those with doubt, a sense of comfort, peace, and hope. I also wish to provide confirmation and inspiration to those who already have faith, and to hopefully strengthen their existing belief.


Thanks for reading and I pray you have a wonderful journey of your own.


May God Bless You!


Dave Scelba

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